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Turnkey energy solutions

We offer generating sets meet all autonomous power needs, in all business sectors in Jordan;


COMMUNICATIONS; Generating sets for telecoms infrastructures

CONSTRUCTION; Mobile or installed generating sets for construction sites

DATA CENTER; Secure data thanks to our back-up power stations

HEALTHCARE; Turnkey power plants for 100% reliable back-up electricity supply


INDUSTRY; Generating sets designed to safeguard power supply at industrial sites

MILITARY APPLICATIONS; Mobile, robust and high-performance generating sets to meet the multiple demands of military applications

MINING; Generating sets perfectly suited to meet the high level of day-to-day constraints faced in the mining sector

OIL & GAS EXTRACTION; Reliable and high-output electricity installations for a demanding sector

TRANSPORTS;  Generating sets safeguarding transportation and guaranteeing permanent electricity supply

WATER AND WASTE TREATMENT;  Power solutions to compensate for grid outages and guarantee continuous treatment of water and waste 

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